Peer review 3 19th Century blog

Dylan Versola

Dylan’s blog consisted of commenting on a painting that has been shown in the NSW art gallery virtual excursion. He has chosen the painting “A young lady holding a pug dog” by Francis Boucher. He has chosen this painting to represent enlightenment ideals. As this painting was mainly focused of the representation of the upper class women in the painting Dylan had successful linked the physical features of her to how they fit into the representation of upper class. “The pale skin eluded to her never having to work a day in her life”. He even identified the out as a materialistic expression of the wealthy as the pug was bred for the purpose of “accommodating the yearning of the rich”. He also identifies that this is something that the Romantists spite. He then goes on to compare this enlightenment to that of modern day society in which many people value designer brands. Overall it think that Dylan has done as fantastic job and I hope he continues to do write blogs like this one in future.

Please have a look at Dylan’s blog and comment your support

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